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Hire Dave Johnson to Inspire Your Audiences

David Johnson is a healthcare thought leader, author, speaker, strategic advisor to organizations busting the status-quo to reform our healthcare system.  Johnson’s independent voice calls out what’s broken in the …

Reader Response: Creating a “Freedom Platform” for Health Data

Dave, your article is nothing if not provocative and insightful.  What does it mean for health data to be truly free? At MultiScale, we have been thinking hard about health …

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Want Better Cardiac Outcomes? Just Follow the Money

The line between financial incentives and clinical outcomes just got a little straighter. A new study says money may have erased the difference in readmission rates between the top heart …

Dr. Amy Compton-Phillips Talks Platforming at MATTER, Chicago’s Healthcare Incubator

August 23, 2018, Amy Compton-Phillips came to MATTER, Chicago’s healthcare incubator. She presented her perspective on platforming in the industry and at Providence St. Joseph Health. Key points included: The …