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How to Use Social Determinants of Health to Fix Reimbursements

Healthcare providers can no longer ignore the Social Determinants of Health (SDH) in the exam room. Even John Snow considered community assessment factors to identify the source of the cholera …

What Revolutionary Healthcare Leaders Are Reading: The Top 5 4sight Health Commentaries Over the Past Six Months

4sight Health’s writers and authors have published 57 blog posts, commentaries, podcasts and videos on from January through June of this year. The topics are a varied as the …

Should Hospitals Pay Taxes?

Many health systems and hospitals operate as Not-for-Profit (NFP), mission-oriented organizations that do not pay sales, excise, property or other taxes. In exchange, NFPs must publicly report the level of …

Pets versus Babies: Who Offers More Health Benefits at Work?

Everyone, including me, is always on employers to do more to improve the healthcare system in the U.S.  We’re on them to use their healthcare purchasing power and insured-lives market …

3 Successful Telemedicine Companies Disrupting Healthcare

In August 2017, Hurricanes Harvey and Irma devastated the South and Southeast regions. Florida evacuated over 7 million people, 7.4 million people lost power and almost 60 hospitals throughout the …

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