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4 Data Principles Healthcare Companies Need to Advance Care Delivery

What if the healthcare industry could use data as efficiently as Amazon? What if physicians could know the habits of patients like Amazon knows consumers’ buying history? What is physicians …

The Big (Tech-Enabled) Shift: Turning Healthcare Consumers into Customers

Consumerism was the hot topic at this year’s HIMSS conference in Orlando and at the JP Morgan conference. Attendees debated whether 2019 will mark the year healthcare finally tips toward …

How to Provide Value-Based Care to Drive Customer Engagement

“Dr. Knows Best” is no longer the only sell healthcare companies can make to consumers. In post-reform healthcare, successful companies need to provide quality value-based care, innovative technological solutions and …

Shining a Light on the High Risks of Low-Value Care

Low-value care doesn’t just drive up healthcare costs without providing any discernable medical benefit to patients. It can kill you. That’s the takeaway and market lesson from the latest study …

When Pillars Crumble: A Warning for Healthcare?

Raghuram Rajan’s new book The Third Pillar provides an insightful framework on the relationship between the three pillars of modern society: federal governments, the marketplace and local communities. I’ll share …

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