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Bundled-Pay Evaluation a Study in Hospital Market-Based Behavior

What would you cut out if you suddenly had to reduce your monthly household expenses by 5 percent, 10 percent, or even 25 percent? I’m sure that some of the …

Getting Precise about Precision Medicine: Balancing Hope, Potential and Cost

Definitions of precision medicine are anything but precise. For seriously ill patients and their families, precision medicine therapies provide a hope when all else has failed. They’re willing to risk …

#1 Strategy All Successful Healthcare Organizations Should Know

American healthcare companies have a blind spot that will disrupt the growth of their organizations. The old way of American healthcare business has always been a payment battle between large …

Medicare Advantage Bends Cost Curve the Wrong Way

Everyone sees what they want to see in the latest figures on national health expenditures released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services earlier this month. Most people see …

The Slow Road to Value-Based Care

A new report is yet another sign that the march toward value-based care has bogged down. The Health Care Transformation Task Force, which is a Washington-based coalition of health systems, …

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