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VIDEO of Fireside Chat: Tom DeRosa, Welltower & David Johnson: Delivering Better Care, Outcomes & Health for Seniors

David Johnson interviewed Tom DeRosa, CEO of Welltower, for a packed audience at MATTER on June 19th. Tom considers Welltower a “platform for innovation on scale” in the realm of …

What Are Healthcare Executives Thinking? Burda on Healthcare

I write a lot about what healthcare organizations and companies do, and I make educated guesses on why they do what they do based on my experiences, industry knowledge and …

States Foul-Tipping Regulatory Approaches to Control Healthcare Prices

A new Viewpoint in the Journal of the American Medical Association said states are trying, but largely failing, to control through various regulatory tactics the prices paid by private health …

Why Service Doesn’t Mean Services at Highly Rated Hospitals

What were you expecting, an ICU? A new study in JAMA Internal Medicine reveals that the hospitals patients rated highly for service were less likely to have the actual medical …

3 Essential Values Home Care Needs to Capture Greater Market Share

The home healthcare sector is dominated by “mom and pops” in a highly-fragmented and under-performing market. Fraud is rampant and customer care is inconsistent. The Department of Health and Human …

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