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Spearheaded by David’s multi-faceted thinking, our team of change-makers helps clients rethink, redesign and sharpen their market approach.

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Thought Leadership & Content Strategy

Innovative organizations, especially those working to create a new market segment, often struggle to build understanding of their offering and differentiation. Prospects and partners don’t know why a solution exists if they can’t see the problem it solves. They don’t take meetings, or demos, or invest.

Original thought leadership and an overarching content strategy, when done well, will attract, orient, inform and engage its target audiences. And even get them to act. But the trick is doing it well.

Why 4sight Health? We can write, we understand business, and we know healthcare really well. While it sounds simple, we keep hearing it’s a combination that’s hard to find.

You’ll enjoy working with us because we know:

  • How to connect the pain points of our readers with the balm offered by our clients.
  • That an expert interviewer can push to the heart of a topic and represent the speaker with authenticity.
  • Extracting the layers of information from subject matter experts is relatively simple, but building it into a cohesive story is not.
  • Addressing audience priorities is absolutely critical to connecting people with new ideas.
  • Using cultural, historical, literary references and metaphors help audiences absorb difficult concepts.

Our clients want in-depth thought leadership pieces to provide a foundation of their marketing and industry outreach. And if they have strong internal marketing and communication teams, they want take those pieces and run with them.

Some organizations want more and retain us to develop a content strategy that delivers the topics, frequency, and formats needed for their client, industry and internal audiences. And some clients ask us to be their marketing team. We fit your needs, always building on in-depth foundational work.

We create relatable work that makes audience smarter, and pushes the industry toward transformation.

Speaking Engagements

Are your board members, leaders, employees and clients active and engaged participants in the transformation of our industry? They must be or your organization will fail instead of thrive.

Most audiences need inspiration. Others need challenges to their established thinking. Some need understanding of the wider industry to encourage and explain change. Or an interviewer, moderator, or panel member to help other industry experts shine. 

David Johnson plays the role of rebel, challenger, industry historian, investor and company evaluator to push audiences forward. More importantly, Dave is an impassioned advocate pushing to change the U.S. health system to serve customers better.  

His presentations shape understanding, shift mindsets and propels fundamental transformation. Recent audiences include:

  • Health system boards, executives & clinicians
  • Industry investors
  • Industry associations
  • Specialty medical providers
  • Healthcare tech companies & start-ups
  • Non-profit healthcare organizations
  • Business groups, including Florida’s Top 100 Council

Your stakeholders need the inspiration – and provocation – that audiences experience from David Johnson’s dynamic presentations.

Download a speaker overview here. Watch David Johnson’s CEO profile video here. Email to book Dave today.

Strategic Advisory & Consulting Services

Sometimes one of our clients need an outside leader, moderator or advisor to guide them through a challenge. They ask us when they need expertise in healthcare, wide industry knowledge or investment experience but don’t need a large consulting firm.

When the fit is right, we conduct advisory projects that focus on organizational transformation. We guide discussions between governing board, c-suite, and executive leaders and their clients. We facilitate analysis and decisions about business models, organizational direction or partners.

  • Board education that builds robust and visionary leadership teams.
  • Leadership programs to develop executives who can lead through persuasion and excel through great change. 
  • Capital formation to align business lines and operations with the organization’s vision and arket strategy.
  • Capital funding to support and solidify mid-stage transformers and early-stage start-ups.
  • Population management initiatives for better outcomes.

Talk to David Johnson to see if we can help.

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As advisors, we seek to improve America’s healthcare system by identifying game-changers in the healthcare arena and supporting organizations that are bringing innovative, patient-centric solutions to market.
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